Welcome to The Oyster Group

Tracing our roots back to 1982, The Oyster Group consists of a number of privately owned companies that specialise in Marketing and the Internet.

We have a successful track record as Marketing and Business consultants and early identified the significant business benefits to be obtained from the application of Internet and digital technologies.

We have been leaders in using these as effective tools on behalf of our clients, to enhance the delivery of our services, and increasingly to create a number of businesses in their own right.

The Group is independent and has an unyielding focus on delivering results, a belief in excellence and a strong commitment to professional standards in all we do. Central to our business philosophy is that we should be concentrating on developing businesses that utilise our skill and knowledge base and that will benefit from our breadth of experience and creativity.

Please visit our company sites:

www.oyster-creative.co.uk Marketing, graphic & internet design

www.g-b-p.co.uk Market Research & Marketing Consultancy